Here are several shows and films, known to hold caped feminine characters, but hard to find.

If you wish to help this Wiki, you may look after these. The titles may sometimes be wrong, or maybeyou need to look after the titles in other languages to find them. Anyway, good hunt !

Assassin (1977) : a kung-fu movie starring Hsu Feng (sometimes written as Xu Feng)

Queen of Tibet, a Kung-fu movie from the 70's. I saw the trailer on youtube, but it doesn't seems to be still there. This one is hard to find.

Arianna's quest : a fantasy movie by Lloyd A. Simandl (sometimes titled "treasure kingdom")

Movie :
Ariana's Quest (Jigarbaaz Hasinaa ) English Dubbed Telugu Movie Latest Telugu Movies 2016

Ariana's Quest (Jigarbaaz Hasinaa ) English Dubbed Telugu Movie Latest Telugu Movies 2016

Sindbad (don't know anything more about that movie- seems like a 50's movie)

Magic teacher (title may be incorrect) : a japanese TV series from the 70's with a yellow-caped heroine .

La regina dei Tartari ("la reine des Barbares" in french), starring Chelo Alonso Other titles :The Queen of the Tartars,The Tataarien kuningatar ,Königin der Barbaren ,Tataarien kuningatar, the Huns (1960). Despite her evil looks, she is the heroine of the film. I had this movie on VHS some years back. If i could lay a hand on the DVD, I could make some fine screencaptures of it.

La Schiava di Roma French title: L'esclave de Rome, starring Rossana Podesta - Request fulfilled : Here it is, enjoy !

Dark lady of kung-fu

The Gene Autry Show - black rider

Unidentified Japanese TV shows :

Dragon Lady, from the "Terry and the pirates" serial Episode: The Little Mandarin

Nyoka the jungle girl, or Perils of Nyoka,a serial with Lorna Gray, as the evil Vulture

This japanese kid's show, with actress Machiko Soga, as a sorceress :

Perhaps love

The wicked Lady not sure of the title

Darna and the giants

Charmed this episode, whose titl is unknown:

Dallas this unknown episode :

Unknown movies

The flying saucers

Krystala ( a philippino TV series)


War goddess

Super B

Pirate and the slavegirl

PIRATE & THE SLAVE GIRL - Slave Girls!-2

PIRATE & THE SLAVE GIRL - Slave Girls!-2

Movies to investigate Maybe there's nothing to find, but there is a strong suspicion to find some intersting fashion - we don't know til we verified...

- King Solomon's treasure (Britt Eckland)

- Winx club

- Half pat dead

- Cavegirl (TV series) Episode: "Power To The People"

- Khyber Patrol (1954)

- Disney's Frozen

- Sheila : Un prince en exil

- The Longest Week (olivia wilde)

- Techno Warriors II

- Sliders (TV series)

- Play Dirty (1968) - La Vibora (1959) - The Magician (1973)

- Mikosch im Geheimdienst (Mikosch in the Secret Service (1959)

- Bronk (jack palance) ""Long Time Dying" (1.18)

- Don - 1978

- Minute Søsters Børn (1966) aka My Sister's Children

- Colpo Rovente (1970)

- a man called dagger

- Tarzan and the Slave Girl (1950)

- Los Asesinos(1968) with Regina Torne

- Los Gatilleros del Diablo

- Ucan Daireler Istanbulda

- Buz lightyear ( a cartoon with evil valkyries from outer space, called the Valkyrans)

- Hurricane Polymer

- Go Wapper 5 Goudam

- Uchuu majin Daikengo / Daikengo, Cosmic Devil God

- Entaku no kishi monogatari moero Aasaa / Stories of King Athur and the Knights of the Round Table

- Berusaiyu no bara / The Rose Of Versailles / Lady Oscar

- Little Erin Merryweather

- La casa della paura (by William Rose, withDaniela Giordano, Rosalba Neri, Raf Vallone, Karin Schubert)

- Swordsman Adventure (1983)

- Christina Aguilera, “Can’t Hold Us Down”

- Ladro della Gioconda, Il (1966) aka Theft of the Mona Lisa, The