Episode 04 - Lost city of Opar

TLOT (561)

Queen La is the female dictator of the secret city of Opar, occupied by humanoid leopards created by La's magical staff to serve her. With her magic spear, she executes without mercy those who fail her.

Since she wants Tarzan to be incorporated into her army of servants, she tries to seduce him, but his love for Jane prevails, and they escape La's clutches.

Episode 16 - Leopard man rebellion

one among La's minions rebels against her authorithy, and manages to take hold of her magic staff, givingit to Jane, so that she could be their new queen. La manages to gain Tarzan's help to ecover her staff, but as soon as she gets back in charge, she launches a reign of terror, executing many of her leopard men.Tarzan and his friends decide to end La's reign :

After a big fight, La's staff is destroyed, and she dies by falling into dust.

Episode 27 - Return of La

La's ghost manages to posess the body of Jane.