A movie shot by King Hu in 1973, featuring the chinese actress Xu Feng (or Hsu Feng) as the evil mongol princess who seconds the no-lesser evil  Lee Khan, hunting rebels.

When a pack of bandits are captured, Lee Khan asks her "what will we do with the prinsoners?", she answers haughtily "their heads must be cut. All of them".

After a fight in a tavern with Angela Mao, the princes is defeated and captured. Presented all bound and gagged to her henchmen, she manages to get free , and is finally killed with an arrow in the back during the final battle.

Alternate titles :

Ying chun ge zhi Fengbo in Taiwan .

Der letzte Kampf des Lee Khan in Germany

L'auberge du printemps in France

Ying chung gok ji fung boh  in Hong-Kong