Nanoha Divine Buster Blaster 3

Nanoha Divine Buster Blaster 3

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Quattro is the main villainess of the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha series, serving as the rear commander and strategist for Scaglietti's, the main villain. She dons a fashionable cape with a small capelet and fur collar. She is a manipulative, scheming villainess who pits the heroine's against each other forcing a mother to fight her own daughter as Quattro hides herself deep within her floating castle, even manipulating her own allies to take falls for her, using them as shields, betraying them for her own personal safety. She is proud, confident and haughty while in the most secure part of her castle, as she lathers in appeasement to see the heroes turn on each other while she carries on Scarletti's (the main villain) plan.

Pictures and clip were taken from episodes 24-25.

Quattro's DefeatEdit