AKA : Goria Mundi AKA In hell, a 1976 movie starring Olga Karlatos.

A strange movie about Galai, a young Algerian woman immigrant in Paris. She is under the spell of a mysterious and unseen political anarchist going by the name of Hamdias, whose goal is to fight against French colonialism in Algeria, by terrorist means that he is pushing Galai to carry out giving her instructions on the phone and cassette tapes.

Hamidas also views himself as an important filmmaker and he is trying to raise funds for a political thriller starring Galai in the leading role.

Hamidias's scenario includes many deviant scenes and Galai proves to be a willing leading lady, enthusiastically submiting herself to self-imposed so-called "training sessions" that involve her performing torture on her own body, all the better to please her director by giving the most genuine performance possible.