In this kung-fu, Movie, Mary Wong plays an evil queen of a tribe of cannibal amazons who capture the heroes, and submit them to various indignities. She is also in love with their leader, a man in a tuxedo played by adam Cheng.

Since she's jealous of Brigitte Lin's charms (on of the heroes), she manages to lrt her escape, to have a

motive to kill her, but Jackie Chan comes nearby, and after a quick fight, the amazon queen gets tied up in her own cape. Later, when the heroes attack the amaozn camp, they trick their ennemies with the amazon queen's corpse( she seems to have been finished offscreen between the two scenes)

Tis movies is full of strange ideas, since the plot initiates with president Lincoln being abducted and held hostage in Luxemburg, to give you an idea of the global crazyness of the film. A very entertaining movie to watch nonetheless. Let's hope for a full DVD edition someday, with director's cut, making of, interviews, and so on...


A collage of sequential screencaptures, to get a full image.

Fantasy Mission Force Bad girl

Fantasy Mission Force Bad girl